October 15-17, 2021

43rd Annual
National Leadership Conference on Student Government

In Person!

October 15-17, 2021
St. Louis, Missouri


“Made me appreciate my school and my position. As well connected me with conversations on topics I
was working on but as well ideas to navigate them.”

-Yudidt Nonthe
Student Body President
Mesa Community College

“I was able to attend as the SGA Advisor along with our Interim President and Secretary of our current
SGA group. We all found this to be great information and appreciated the candid way in which the
difficult topics were addressed. It was our first time attending and we can’t wait to attend again. We got
a better understanding of our role in interacting with administration and are looking forward to putting
some of the great ideas we got to use.”

-Jessica Andrews
Student Life Coordinator
Reading Area Community College

“This conference allows for students and advisors to not only learn from the conference staff, but to be
able to share the great things that they do! It truly is a conference of sharing, learning and growing.”

-Shane Britt
Dean of Student Experience
North Central Kansas Technical College

” I would like thank you from the bottom of my heart. This conference is very unique in that it addresses what really matters to student leaders and the presenters are personally invested in your success.”

-Indu Bastakoti
Student Body President
York College of Pennsylvania

The [SGA] executive board this year has been fantastic, to the point where the president has said she hasn’t seen such activeness in decades. I think your conference had a lot to do that. I’ve made my job so much harder but I’ve never felt prouder of anything in my life. Thank you so much for giving me the guidance and motivation to get here, and to do better next year. Your conference is unlike any other I’ve been to. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

-Nikita Williams
SGA Member
Montclair State University

“I have attended many leadership conferences before, this conference is the absolute best. I have never received this much tangible information that apply to me and my campus. I truly hope I can make it next year!”

-Amjad “JJ” Bataineh
SGA President
San Jacinto College-South, Houston, TX

“The 40th National Student Government Association Conference allowed me to attend relevant sessions, which gave me ideas to bring back to my home. The presenters learn your name and are able to personally interact with you. It allows you to feel in a safe space to ask any question on your mind. This experience was one of the best I’ve ever had in my 20 years of life.”

-Isabel Rosales
Student Government President
Colby Community College, Colby, KS.

“By far the best conference I have ever attended! Everyone was attentive and ready to address any possible issue or concern student government representatives may be facing. Not only was it a valuable and beneficial experience, but they provided fun activities to unwind in the evenings. They went above and beyond. They didn’t just provide workshops, but every member was inclusive and by the end became a diverse and accepting family!”

-Mikayla Rios
SGA Vice President of Public Relations
Aims Community College, Greely CO

“This is my 2nd year at the conference and it gets better every year! When you immerse yourself in this conference and safe place, learning and leadership goes to the next level. Lifelong connections are made and the presenters pour their hearts into the experience for the students.”

-Hannah Schulte
SGA Webmaster
Kansas State University- Polytechnic, Salina, KS

“My experience at the conference gave me a broader perspective on what the student government could achieve and do. Before the conference I felt limited in what our SGA could do but after, I realized the immense powers it has to make change at our school for the better.”

-Andrew Jeffery Lyons
Financial Clerk/SGA Legislator
Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

“I found many of the sessions that I was able to attend very helpful to me as an individual and also a team member. Many of which included helpful tips on things such as leadership skills, how to have a courageous conversation, the best way to speak to people with power and many more. What I loved most about the conference was the sense of unity that was felt in certain sessions where we would interact with the speakers and the rest of the students attending.”

-Humberto Becerra
Director of Student Organizations
Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX

We Are SGA changed my life views and how I will run my SGA. It changed my life.”

-Flynn Guerrieri
SGA President
Western State Colorado University

“This conference will make you a more informed, engaged, empathetic and impactful leader.”

-Lorena Austin
Student Body President
Mesa (AZ) Community College

“The national leadership conference on student government was a diverse, exciting, energizing opportunity to develop our organization and see how other universities run theirs as well. It is truly eye-opening just to be able to talk with peers about how their student governments are done.”

-Matthew Smith
Student Body President
Arkansas Tech University

“Motivating, eye-opening and welcoming conference. Presenters are so knowledgeable and engaging. Our school will definitely be back.”

-Amy Elmore
Coordinator of Student Development and Activities
West Kentucky Community and Technical College

“The past three days…have been extremely enlightening and honestly I’m glad and so grateful for my school for coordinating and allowing me and my fellow officers to attend theses workshops where ideas flourish, courageous conversations are spoken and friendships are begun. I definitely look forward to attending more of these in the future.”

-Ivy Khevali
SGA Treasurer
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX

“This conference gave me the knowledge and leadership skills that will help me create a more effective student government this next year. It also made me a better overall leader.”  

-Braeden Sparks, Senator
Otterbein University

“This was a great experience. I cannot wait to bring back what I’ve learned to my campus.”

-Thomas Gaudet
Otterbein University

The Longest Running SGA Conference for Student Government Leaders and Advisers in the Nation!

This historic conference will help SGA advisers, current and future student leaders seize the opportunity that the ‘new norm’ is providing us. This is not the time to settle; we need leadership that is responsive and resilient more than ever. Join us to learn how to improve effectiveness, increase diversity and identify new ways of supporting those who are the most vulnerable during this confusing and difficult time in our nation’s history. We will address the following areas:

  • How can student governments actually become more relevant during these confusing times
  • What are student governments doing to first understand, and then respond to the needs of an increasing diverse student body
  • What best practices are student governments implementing to improve campus unity and pride among student leaders and student groups
  • What action steps are student governments implementing to support those most vulnerable members of the campus community

Learn how student governments are taking advantage of the opportunity to become stronger and more inclusive as a direct result of the new norm.