Chris Bosco
Vice President of Digital, SMG

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • Emotional intelligence and student leadership
  • Essentialism: Are you stretched too thin?
  • Critical conversations
  • Project planning for student leaders

About Chris

Chris has worked with Accenture for over 22 years. His passion is understanding how to enable the new interconnected world to participate in business and deliver what it takes to win the hearts and minds of customers. As a global technology executive, he focuses on achieving customer experience outcomes in today’s digital enabled world. Bosco is a think-on-his-feet individual who thrives on rapidly paced environments driving through obstacles while maintaining logic, clarity and focus on the real outcomes. Additionally, he is a fanatical people developer, strategic advisor, digital evangelist, and leader of high-performing teams who are equally driven to reimagine business and produce bottom-line results.