Terri Houston
Director, Student Success, HelloCollege
Former Senior Director of Diversity
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • 30+ years of higher education
  • Chief Diversity Officer (Equity, Inclusion, LGBTQ, 1st generation, ethnic/racial, disability services, Title IX)
  • Asst. Dean of students (Student funds, Crisis response, Residential education)
  • International Education (Semester at Sea)
  • Director (Student activities and Leadership, Women’s programming, faculty/staff programming)
  • Counselor (Admissions, Personal and College)
  • SGA Advisor (leadership transitioning, programming, recruitment, working with faculty & administration)
  • Student Clubs & Organization Advisor (BSU, Latinx, LGBTQ, Sorority, Honors Fraternity and Multicultural)

Personal Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is a combination of visionary transitioning, compassionate decision-making and inclusive positioning. I believe Leaders are born and made and that every person, by nature, is diverse. My career in higher education mirrors this philosophy where as a leader and advocate, I have produced successful campaigns promoting communications and connections, cultural fluency and institutional equity. I am committed to supporting the ideas and identities of students, advisors and staff for the purpose of personal development and professional advancement. What makes We Are SGA conference unique is its commitment to building students, advisors and professional staff from within, while preparing all with skills and exposure to be leaders beyond. Our personal strategic touch creates a safe and supportive learning environment that encourages and challenges. Creating community is what we model to ensure each SGA member takes back to their campus community the necessary training, skills, exposure, awareness and sensitivities to be better leaders.

About Terri

I love teaching, training and learning, so if you love to LAUGH, believe you have a unique PURPOSE, If you trust there is GOOD in all, and that LEADERS are born and made, then hang with me. And even if you don’t believe these values, let’s connect anyway, so our positive energies can UNITE…Let’s grow together!