This conference will make you a more informed, engaged, empathetic and impactful leader.”

Lorena Austin
Student Body President 
Mesa (AZ) Community College


“This was a great experience. I cannot wait to bring back what I’ve learned to my campus.”

Thomas Gaudet
Student Body President
York College of Pennsylvania


“The National Leadership Conference on Student Government was a diverse, exciting, energizing opportunity to develop our organization and see how other universities run theirs as well. It is truly eye-opening just to be able to talk with peers about how their student governments are done.”

Matthew Smith
Student Body President
Arkansas Tech University


“Motivating, eye-opening and welcoming conference. Presenters are so knowledgeable and engaging. Our school will definitely be back.”

Amy Elmore
Coordinator of Student Development and Activities 
West Kentucky Community and Technical College


“The past three days…have been extremely enlightening and honestly I’m glad and so grateful for my school for coordinating and allowing me and my fellow officers to attend these workshops where ideas flourish, courageous conversations are spoken and friendships are begun. I definitely look forward to attending more of these in the future.”

Ivy Khevali
SGA Treasurer
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX