This conference will help your student government achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce Student Apathy.

Exciting new approaches will be introduced which should result in renewed student and faculty interest in student government.

  • Improve student input on your campus.

Regardless of the input you have now we offer concrete suggestions which will improve your student participation in campus governance.

  • Assist you in forming a “plan of action” for resolving your own campus concerns.

  • Provide the necessary skills and ideas enabling you to “make a difference” on your campus next year.

More than 70 different workshops, including:

Essential Conversations

  • DACA: The Important Role Your Student Government Can Play in the Next Six Months
  • How to Have Courageous Conversations about Race, Diversity & Inclusion on Your Campus
  • Issues Facing LGBT Leaders
  • Title IX and the Role of Student Government
  • Students Taking the Lead on Campus Safety
  • SGA Role in Addressing a Campus Crisis
  • Increasing Underrepresented Student Participation
  • Ethical Decision Making for Campus Leaders

The Business of Student Government

  • Parliamentary Procedures for Beginners
  • Recruiting and Retaining Student Volunteers
  • How to Motivate Student Volunteers
  • How to Delegate to Others
  • Making Your Committee Meetings the Best Ever
  • How to Improve Student Government Elections
  • SGA and Technology: Ideas that are Working
  • Developing an SGA Public Relations Plan

Budget Issues

  • How to Do More with Less
  • Student’s Role in Tuition Increase Deliberations and Budget Cuts
  • How to Keep Education Affordable
  • Leading Campus Discussions Concerning Tuition and Fees: Where the Increases Go and Who is Impacted
  • Student Activity Fee: Procedures, Politics, and Budgeting

Professional Development

  • How to Make Positive First Impressions that Last
  • Building a Lasting Relationship with Administrators, Faculty and Your Fellow Students
  • Getting Things Done Politically on Any Campus
  • Creating an Environment for an Effective SGA
  • Teacher and Course Evaluations

Commuter, Community College, and Branch campuses

  • Commuter Student Programs that Work
  • Plan and Execute for Positive Change in Community College Settings
  • Improving the Important Role of Branch Campuses
  • Branch Campus Relations: Best Practices for a Great Relationship

SGA Advisors

  • Understanding SGA Advisor Expectations
  • Sessions for SGA Advisers
  • Adviser Workshop for First Year Advisers

We welcome guest presenters at this year’s conference. Advisors or student leaders who have a program or topic proposal may contact Dr. Bosco at

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