What You Will Learn

This conference will help your student government achieve the following objectives:

Reduce Student Apathy.

Exciting new approaches will be introduced which should result in renewed student and faculty interest in student government.

Improve student input on your campus.

Regardless of the input you have now we offer concrete suggestions which will improve your student participation in campus governance.

Assist you in forming a “plan of action” for resolving your own campus concerns.

Provide the necessary skills and ideas enabling you to “make a difference” on your campus next year.

More than 70 different workshops, including:

Essential Conversations

  • DACA: The Important Role Your Student Government Can Play in the Next Six Months
  • How to Have Courageous Conversations about Race, Diversity & Inclusion on Your Campus
  • Issues Facing LGBT Leaders
  • Title IX and the Role of Student Government
  • Students Taking the Lead on Campus Safety
  • SGA Role in Addressing a Campus Crisis
  • Increasing Underrepresented Student Participation
  • Ethical Decision Making for Campus Leaders

The Business of Student Government

  • Parliamentary Procedures for Beginners
  • Recruiting and Retaining Student Volunteers
  • How to Motivate Student Volunteers
  • How to Delegate to Others
  • Making Your Committee Meetings the Best Ever
  • How to Improve Student Government Elections
  • SGA and Technology: Ideas that are Working
  • Developing an SGA Public Relations Plan

Budget Issues

  • How to Do More with Less
  • Student’s Role in Tuition Increase Deliberations and Budget Cuts
  • How to Keep Education Affordable
  • Leading Campus Discussions Concerning Tuition and Fees: Where the Increases Go and Who is Impacted
  • Student Activity Fee: Procedures, Politics, and Budgeting

Professional Development

  • How to Make Positive First Impressions that Last
  • Building a Lasting Relationship with Administrators, Faculty and Your Fellow Students
  • Getting Things Done Politically on Any Campus
  • Creating an Environment for an Effective SGA
  • Teacher and Course Evaluations

Commuter, Community College, and Branch campuses

  • Commuter Student Programs that Work
  • Plan and Execute for Positive Change in Community College Settings
  • Improving the Important Role of Branch Campuses
  • Branch Campus Relations: Best Practices for a Great Relationship

SGA Advisors

  • Understanding SGA Advisor Expectations
  • Sessions for SGA Advisers
  • Adviser Workshop for First Year Advisers

We welcome guest presenters at this year’s conference. Advisors or student leaders who have a program or topic proposal may contact Dr. Bosco at info@wearesga.com.

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